“Boston Globe Climate Beclownment Spectacular”

You just know that Global Warming as a political movement is in big, big trouble when you read these reader comments to a Boston Globe “green” story about a supposed threat from a small future sea level increase.

Some really funny stuff here. Which means (94% confidence interval) that this party is just about over.

But really, forget the politics, there is some funny stuff there. Here are just a few:

Yes! I’m getting waterfront property in Beacon Hill!

This would be interesting we didn’t just learn that climate researchers have been engaged in massive fraud.

Wow- then all those overpriced condos really will be “underwater”!!!

Help us, Obama-wan Kenobi, you are our only hope!

My favorite, though, is this:

That’s why we have boats right? Where is Dennis Quade when you need him?


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