How not to run an NFL team

As a Bears fan, it was frustrating and maddening to watch the Bengals-Jets playoff game on Saturday, featuring two former Bears running backs given away for basically nothing, but who are now prominent and productive backs for their playoff theams.

The Bears traded Jones to clear the decks for Benson because Benson was (a) highly paid and (b) a high draft pick, even though Benson  hadn’t earned playing time by beating out Jones. Then Benson did very little as the featured back, and was so unpopular that he was even booed by the home crowd when he left the field with an injury late in the 2007 season. Then, after two high-profile off-the-field legal incidents in the off-season, he was released.

So how did that trade of Thomas Jones work out for the Bears?

The domino effect of Benson fiasco – Inside the Bears

The New York Jets stole Jones from the Bears, swapping second-round picks so the Bears could move up from 63rd to 37th. In exchange, the Jets have gotten 3,833 rushing yards and 31 total touchdowns from Jones.

Yeah, that guy stinks. Good move, Jerry Angelo.

So the Bears stocked two playoff teams with quality running backs for free. Sweet. And now they have a bad offensive line that can’t open holes, also because of Angelo’s mis-management of personnel.

How this guy keeps his job, I have no idea. He must have naked pictures of somebody filed away in a drawer.

UPDATE: Jones has also carried the ball “1,438 times in a row without sustaining an injury serious enough to keep him out of a game”. And he almost never fumbles.


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