Switching directions

Has it really been two weeks since I updated here? Yow. Time flies when you’re ignoring your own website!

But there’s actually a pretty good reason why I’m updating it much less often lately. And that is my new tumblr site: jbrokaw.com. It’s very light and breezy, with a big emphasis on visuals and music.

Yes, yes, it’s true. I’ve been cheating on WordPress with Tumblr. Please don’t tell!

Tumblr offers an easier interface for people who don’t wish to spend inordinate amounts of time fussing with content. It provides automated formatting of each post by type: text, quote, photo, video, audio, etc. So the bottom line for me is, you trade full control over the final appearance of your content for efficiency, more or less, and that is a trade I make gladly. I mean, who cares? It’s a blog. Nobody really gives a shit, when you get right down to it.

We’re not painting the Sistene Chapel here.

Or, maybe I’m just getting old and cranky; I find more and more that I have no patience for things that waste my time and have no discernible impact one way or the other. Which, come to think of it, largely describes this entire blog.

Lately, the last year or two in fact, I’ve become relentlessly bored with blogging, and it comes across on this site, no doubt. For that, I apologize to my readers; all I can say is, if you want something I update much more frequently, with more varied content, then try the tumblr instead. If you don’t, sorry, but I’m bored with “blogging” as we know it, and as I’ve known it since 2002. It is far too limiting, and doesn’t allow my true personality to show through.

This site will be updated sporadically going forward, and is pretty damn likely to become mostly just an archive site, more or less. I encourage you, therefore, to update your bookmarks to jbrokaw.com. There is an RSS feed available on the tumblr site, too.

And if you’re a blogger who likes visual and auditory pleasures along with your boring old text, you might want to check out tumblr.com.

  1. Karen said:

    Hi Jeff,

    Tried the link to your new site, but it said the site couldn’t be found…am i doing something wrong?

    Hope all is well!


  2. Ooops. My bad. Try again, should work now.