June 2011: Pret-ty Damn Awesome So Far

War – Summertime is Here

Earlier I posted a link noting how crappy the spring weather in Chicago has been so far this year.

Well, let me just note here that today, June 1st, it is absolutely beautiful out there! At 5:30, when I got up: 60 degrees and clear with low humidity. At 9, on the way to work: about 70, still clear, still low humidity. Expected high is 80.

This, right here, is the kind of weather that makes up for everything we don’t like about Chicago: everything is green and blooming, and the air is clean and fresh, the sun is shining and feels great on your skin, even the colors look more vibrant.

There is nothing that is not awesome about this day.

Plus I feel great today after a really good night’s sleep, which I appreciated very much indeed, since I slept like crap the night before and was tired and out of sorts most of yesterday. It is AMAZING how much difference a good night’s sleep can make to your moods, your energy, your overall ability to get things done and just navigate the day properly. Those of you under 45 years old, enjoy your sleep while you can, because it doesn’t go on forever like that.


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