Important Honeybee Industry Update: Apparently Doing OK Despite Catastrophic Rise of CCD Since 2007

As I learned from reading the article linked below, the last week of June is National Pollinator Week. So that’s why I saw TWO articles about bees yesterday in the USA Today Mobile app on my Droid phone yesterday (LG Optimus V, if you’re interested, from Virgin Mobile).

I’m all like, WTF? Two articles about bees on the front page? So it’s good to know that the news industry is on top of the latest bee news, driven by PR events like “National Pollinator Week”. Edward R. Murrow must be so proud.

So I guess I should write something about honeybees. Ready? Here it is. You’re welcome.

Not that I’m an expert on honeybees or anything, but apparently, the beekeepers have managed to rebuild their colonies each year, and have not increased their prices for cross-pollinating food crops, which you would expect they would have to do if the rise of CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) was truly causing problems that threaten our food supply. So it’s worth reading: Blessed Are the Beekeepers: Despite the much-hyped ‘colony collapse disorder,’ there are plenty of bees and honey.

As you were.


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