A Clever Prank

Brad Paisley punked Blake Shelton pretty good:

“I had one of those stick-up air fresheners, and we stuck it under the table in the front lounge [of Blake’s bus],” Brad recalls to The Boot. “We replaced the contents with raw chicken. It was not old chicken at that point. It had no odor whatsoever. By Sunday, [laughs] they had found it, because they had to — the bus smelled like someone had died! They said they kept looking under that table, and all they saw was a stick-up air freshener and couldn’t understand what was making that smell, because there’s even an air freshener there.

Blake Shelton says it was the worst prank ever played on him, and that “you couldn’t get onto the bus without throwing up”.

This was a few years ago. This summer, they are touring together.



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