Funny, Pithy, and Correct

Some delusional Krugman fan / conspiracy theorist sent a question to a tumblr blogger who writes about economics under the name ‘Crazy Nut Job’ and got this spot-on response:

Ok, you want me to make the assumption that the people in power

  1. Are intelligent enough to know the consequences of their actions,
  2. Are competent enough to pull it off, and
  3. Want to make everything, and I do mean everything, go straight down the toilet, but also
  4. That they are too cowardly to announce their plan, while at the same time are
  5. Predicting a bunch of stuff that didn’t happen.

And this is a preferred hypothesis to the idea that the people in charge don’t know what the heck they are doing and don’t deserve any authority over anything more complex than tucking their shirts in?

I will give this as much thought as it deserves while drunk at 2am in the morning.


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