EPA Regulations Driving Electricity Rates Way, WAY Higher. Just Like Obama Wanted!

Get ready for higher electricity prices, and higher prices for every product and service that needs electricity to make it. Which would be every product and service, pretty much. Including government itself. This is how high energy prices become, essentially, a tax on economic growth.

But President Obama thinks higher energy prices are a great idea. He warned us on the 2008 campaign trail that he would make energy more expensive, on purpose. and would try to bankrupt the coal industry. He’s proud of this. These are features to him, not bugs. And people voted for him anyway.

So the enviro-clown that Obama appointed to run the EPA, of course, rushed right in to declare CO2 a toxin that needed regulation, including expensive systems for large CO2 emitters like energy companies, steel and iron producers, and more. And now energy producers are — surprise! — passing that cost along to the consumer. Since that’s pretty much how that works.

Purposefully making energy more expensive — based purely on the lunatic idea that CO2 is toxic — is like kicking a super-hot babe out of bed for eating crackers.

So now we all get to pay more to light our homes with those shitty CFL light bulbs just to satisfy Green-obsessed control freaks.

CO2 is toxic? Huh. This is news to the trees and other green living things that thrive in the presence of CO2, and die without it. I guess the trees didn’t submit any comments during the public comment period.

So, due mainly to this new EPA requirement that we must subsidize insanity, individual electric utilities must retro-fit or completely replace older equipment at huge expense and for negligible gain. Louisville Gas and Electric, to pick just one, is raising rates over 19% by 2016 as part of an “environmental cost recovery”.  Their spokesman says,

“The EPA is forcing utilities to do this. We don’t have a choice. It’s not a question of are we going to meet them. The question is when and how and how much money. We have to meet these regulations because the EPA is mandating it for us to do it. They’re forcing us to do it.”

Another utility, PGM, sees costs going up $2-3B per year for EPA regulation, for just one electric utility. And 60-80% of that increase is for new EPA rules. Which are driven by insanity.

Yeah, I’m being pretty harsh here. But these people deserve it. Because CO2, to the extent that facts matter these days, is clearly not toxic, for a whole host of obvious reasons, including that CO2 drives photosynthesis and has done so for millions of years.

To believe that CO2 is toxic is to demonstrate clinical insanity. Let’s just stop this bullshit right now. Even if you fear CO2, to call it ‘toxic’ is to lump it in with inhaling tobacco smoke and coal dust. Things that are actually, you know, dangerous.

This whole roller coaster ride with CO2 has been fun, but it’s time to get off now. The carnys running the ride are clearly crazy.