Number of Diabetes Cases Doubles Worldwide – TRIPLES in U.S.

Diabetes cases worldwide have doubled to 347 million in the last 30 years. And the U.S. rate has **tripled** in that time.

We simply must get a grip on this, because at this rate, the health care costs alone will eat us alive by continuing to escalate at rates we just cannot sustain, never mind all the other horrible health impacts.

And it should be pretty damn obvious by now: the government recommendation to eat carbs in place of meat was a bad idea. As a nation, we have gotten fatter and sicker over the last 30 years. There are probably multiple causes behind this rise, but surely diet has to be the primary factor.

Excess carbohydrates can cause systemic problems with metabolism by upsetting the hormonal balance, i.e., insulin, which causes the body to store fat and causes damage to the circulatory system, among other bad things.

In fact, I recently read “Good Calories, Bad Calories” by Gary Taubes which takes on the received wisdom that cholesterol is evil, that eating meat is dangerous because of cholesterol/triglycerides/what-have-you, etc. I’ve read on this topic before, so this idea isn’t new to me, but Taubes presents lots of evidence that flies in the face of our received wisdom on diet. Really, you have no idea how weak the science is behind the “fat is bad for you” case. And there is plenty of evidence that, in fact, it is carbohydrates that are bad for you, at least in the huge amounts that we tend to eat.

So, it looks like we can toss another one on the pile of ill-conceived and unproven ideas, based on sloppy research and agendas rather than hard science, that still penetrate government policy and become pop culture wisdom. It’s a pretty long list.

  1. The problem is not carbohydrates per se, I think, but the type of carbohydrates that are eaten: refined sugars and processed flours do not really contribute to a healthy, balanced diet. Add processed foods and fast foods into the mix and we have a recipe for disaster.

  2. That seems right to me too, but Taubes’ book makes the case that carbs are carbs, more or less. Not totally sure I buy it though. In any case the book is a very provocative read.o