“Science!” = “Bullshit!”

Dude. Where’s the warming? Global greenhouse gas emissions are up, having risen even faster than the supposed experts feared, yet temperatures stubbornly refuse to go up. Which basically destroys the entire “CO2 causes warming” theory, as we currently understand it, all by itself. So there’s that.

But on top of that, we have more evidence of a coming ice age. Sunspot Cycle 25 should have started by now, and combined with declining solar activity in the past 10 years, this indicates that Cycle 25 might not happen at all. Which means global cooling. And this is a proven, quantifiable, measurable connection going back to the 1600s, which is a lot more than you can say about global warming science. So even if CO2 did cause warming, which it apparently does not, the possible impact of that warming is probably less than the known effect of planet cooling from lack of sunspot activity.

I also found this post entertaining. Also: “science”!

And then there is noted researcher William Gray of Colorado State University, a member of the American Meteorological Society for 50 years, who writes “On The Hijacking of the American Meteorological Society (AMS)” to take the AMS to the woodshed for essentially trading scientific credibility for cachet and cash. He’s not happy.

Now, these are all stories I found in just a few days, back in June of this year. Surely you saw them too. Right? No?! Well if your news sources aren’t telling you any of this important information that blows a giant hole in the “manmade CO2 causes big problems” submarine, then why are you using them? I laugh when I hear people rip Fox News for being biased and never mention CNN, or the New York Times, or NPR, implying by omission that they believe those outlets to be paragons of virtue in the media world. Yeah, that’s pretty hilarious. While it’s nice to have fantasies, it is also nice to open your eyes and realize when you’re being taken for a fool by other fools who have no problem with spreading lies borne of willful ignorance and/or partisan politics. Sorry, I’ve been around the block too many times to believe any more bullshit about the credibility of a news organization based purely on past perception. Done. Over. Sayonara.

And in a sane world, that still respected intellectual honesty and rigor, a whole lot of people would now have to start backtracking on their outlandish declarative statements about how the “science is settled” on global warming, and calling people who never bought into it “deniers” and worse. It’s been fun and all, but it’s time to admit it. Say it with me now: “Game. Over.”

But of course, along comes Al Gore, reliable as ever, to compare people just like me to Jim Crow era racists! Because that’s how “science” works today – you dumb down your case with emotional appeals grounded in speculation and junk science, and then when somebody is brazen enough to demand actual proof, you accuse them of being a troglodyte that would also deny the Sun up in the sky.

We live in truly ridiculous times. We are too easily fooled and distracted. I hope someday we can look back on this politicized idiocy we call “science” and resolve never to allow ourselves to be taken for an expensive ride like this again.

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