Elite Columnists Are There For Us on 9/11. Also, Pigs Fly, and Hell Freezes Over.

Paul Krugman and Kathleen Parker are enduring proof that just because the news business pays people for their opinions does not mean that those opinions are always useful, informed, or worth a warm bucket of spit.

Compare and contrast: the NFL didn’t seem that obsessed by shame or insanity yesterday. Nor did the New York Mets, who wanted to honor the leadership and sacrifice of first responders by wearing NYPD and FDNY caps, but were denied by the always-tone-deaf Commisioner’s office.

Across the country, millions of people managed to strike a pretty decent tone with the tributes and remembrances yesterday. Through sports.

So laugh at the sports world if you want, but know this: it is almost always more plugged in to Main Street America, to what actually makes us tick, than any smart-ass political opinion columnist.


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