REBLOG ALL DAY: On Understanding The Limits of Our Knowledge

“We need a much better handle on what’s going on biologically before we start initiating large randomized controlled trials.”

Vitamin E, thought to decrease risk of prostate cancer, seems to slightly increase it instead. Or, maybe some future study will find it has no effect.

We are too quick to assume we know and understand the unbelievably complex systems in Nature – our bodies, the planet and climate, the stars. Yes, we have knowledge about these things, but to fully understand them we have to know every single detail about how they work, but the fact that we continue to learn new things every year about all of these systems tells us that we don’t fully understand them yet, and more to the point, we can never fully understand them.

via On Understanding The Limits of Our Knowledge Of Human Body Interactions, Nutrition, and Health | Noted and Quoted.


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