“Shut up, Brad! Your song stunk, I hate your suit, and I could hurt you.”

Some might recognize the title of this post as just one of many great lines from this classic scene in Albert Brooks’ “Lost in America”. He goes into a meeting anticipating a big promotion, and ends up … well, just watch the video at the link. It’s incredible writing and dialog, and Brooks is masterful, and it’s hilarious and tense all at the same time.

Another great line: “Well that explains it then. So by being extra clever and by being here longer I get shifted to just another account. And he, because of his low intelligence and short time with the company, gets this job I’ve been waiting my whole life for!”

The whole movie is great and has many classic lines and scenes, including the big fight he gets in with his wife at Hoover Dam after she loses their entire life savings in one night of gambling, And the scene where he tries to sell the manager of the casino on the idea they should give the money back. And the scene where he gives his employment history to the disbelieving guy at the jobs department at a small town in Arizona: “A hundred thousand dollars?”. And the scene where he ends up taking a job as a crossing guard because that’s all there is, and the neighborhood kids ignore him and call him “retardo”, and he finds himself telling a bunch of 13 year olds “don’t call me retardo!”.

One of those rare comedies that you can watch over and over and it seems to get funnier every time.

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