Cubs Introduce Theo Epstein as President





FINALLY A REAL BASEBALL OPERATION: Ricketts gets his man: Cubs introduce Theo Epstein as president.

Hey, maybe he could run the Bears too.

  1. Boston will rue the day when Theo left the Red Sox. I don’t think the Red Sox will contend seriously for World Series championships (or even pennants) for a while…

  2. Thanks for weighing in. Time will tell. From my perspective, his hiring by the Cubs is exactly what I’ve been waiting many years for. Establishing a great farm system and instilling a team concept and a “Cubs way of doing things” from top to bottom is the best way to build a winning organization. So kudos to Tom Ricketts for recognizing this, and making it happen.

    In fact, the Bears are also in desperate need of a GM/President just like Epstein, and an owner just like Ricketts! Not holding my breath though. They seem happy selling tickets and setting low goals like making the playoffs every 4-5 years instead of winning Super Bowls. What’s the point of that? You have to aim high to win anything.