Al Gore Loses His Freaking Mind; Compares Rational, Measured People Who Question Man-Made Global Warming to … Jim Crow Era Racists. Of Course.

There are several very good reasons to be skeptical about man-made global warming – and if you aren’t aware of any, perhaps you should ask yourself why that is. But quite frankly, climate science is a mess. The data is largely corrupted, to start with, and the computer models that use the data are unproven and non-peer-reviewed, and rely heavily on since-disproven theory like carbon forcing. In addition, “consensus” is a political term that has no place in true science: you prove your case or you go home.

Also: follow the money. The mere fact that for a scientist or university, you can turn on a spigot of cash simply by saying the right things about man as a primary cause of potentially catastrophic changes in climate, this my friend should provide the first and only clue you need that this is really all about money and power, just like politics is always about money and power. Ain’t no news there.

It takes faith to believe in junk science, but it only takes a b.s. detector to question it. And my b.s. detector still works just fine, thank you. A true scientist always questions results from other research. That’s called “scientific rigor”. So, let’s all say it together: “there are many very good reasons to question man-made global warming”.

So when Al Gore recently compared people who don’t believe in man-made global warming to racists, he provides necessary and sufficient evidence that he is a raving lunatic. As such, he should henceforth be aggressively ignored and publicly castigated by all sensible people.

Resorting to an ad hominem attack like this, an attack that goes to the character of your critics instead of their arguments, is evidence that you are either a) on the losing side of a weak argument, and you know it, and are just lying your ass off at this point, or b) you view ad hominem attacks as valid arguments. Either way, guess what? You lose.

But according to ol’ Al, you have serious moral flaws if you refuse to buy junk science. You are just like the sub-humans in the KKK who terrorized and murdered generations of blacks. You are holding back social progress if you dare to point to the lack of evidence that CO2 — which makes up just .036% of the atmosphere — has much impact on, well, anything at all. Except for this: making people like Al Gore go freakin’ nuts. We know for sure that it does that.

Obviously, to compare politically-connected junk science to racial hatred is an insult to the memories of Jim Crow era victims. He should be ashamed of himself. But he clearly has no shame, and is quite happy to ride on the backs of murdered blacks from the past in order to scare people who don’t buy his bullshit. I’m sorry, folks, but please explain it to me: why does anybody continue to take this man seriously? Even if you believe that man-made global warming exists and is important — and if so, let’s talk — why wouldn’t you denounce this statement as an egregious lack of judgment and respect?

This episode is not so much about global warming itself, as it is about public decorum and class. And Al Gore doesn’t have any.

Side note: this insane accusation was apparently not reported by a single MSM outlet. Except for … Fox News. The obvious explanation for that is this: the media protects man-made global warming as a pet cause, basically filling the role of PR agency. More to the point, by not reporting this outrageous accusation, the media tacitly agrees with it. Just one more example, in a long list, of the ways that the media creates an alternate reality for your consumption that includes only politically-expedient news.


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