Chicago Bears: “We Need to Get Better”

If you search for “chicago bears” + “we need to get better” you will find a whole lot of hits – I got 7,760,000 just now.

Bears players and coaches have been using this excuse for years, and I’m pretty tired of hearing it. What do you mean, you need to “get better”? That implies that you’re better than you’ve shown, but you’re just underachieving for some inexplicable reason, and if you keep trying super-duper-hard, somehow it’s just going to come together for you, you just know it!

Hmm. Well, it sounds to me like you kinda suck and you’re just making excuses, and that’s all there is and there ain’t no mo’.

You can’t seriously expect people to buy this: “I’m just not sure why we haven’t played that well, because I know we’re better than that, but somehow we keep playing poorly”. Really? I’m not so sure about that. I think the way you play is pretty much exactly how good you are, nearly all the time, and by definition.

But Lovie Smith, and Mike Martz, and various other coaches, keep dragging this tired old horse out on the auction floor and expecting us to buy it. Sometimes, even players use it.

Here’s a horse of a different color: your team is not good enough to win consistently in the NFL. Take a ride on that one for a while, see if you like it.


  1. CGHill said:

    “We need to get better” exists as a mantra only because it sounds a hair less negative than “We need to suck less.”

    Even though that’s really what they need.