You Have to Admit, She’s Got Some Impressive Points

Not sure why, but there’s just some things about her that really stand out.

See, this is why you just have to love the Internet. Back when Richard Nixon was running for office, we didn’t have no stinkin’ Internet to show us excellence in political advertisements like that one right there. No sirree Bob.

What we did have was … frankly I don’t remember, so it must have been pretty boring. Probably some old guys like Henry Kissinger droning on and on about Vietnam and the arms race with the Russkies and engaging with China and God knows what else. Pfffft, like we care! Bring on the large-breasted babes, we say! Everybody wins: women want to be like them, and men want to just watch them, Probably with the sound off.

For comparison, here is a Rick Perry campaign video. No big-breasted babes wearing revealing low-cut shirts. To each their own, I guess. Whatevs. Watch if you want.

I mean, sure, it’s nice and all, and I even like many things about Rick Perry, but hey, where’s the chicks? WHERE ARE THE CHICKS?

It’s about Marketing, guys. It’s all about Marketing. Have we learned nothing from the 2008 election?!


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