The Road Trip – Part Two

(Part Two in a series. Part One)

We arrived in Reston, Virginia, my then four-year-old son James and I, to see my mom and just generally chill out and relax for a few days. It was October 17, 1992, a Saturday. We had just driven the 900 or so miles in a day and a half, leaving Chicago on Friday and then spending the night in Youngstown Ohio.

I had been under a lot of stress at work and was ready to snap. The idea of a cross-country trip sounded good, and my mom’s birthday was coming up, and then I thought, why not take my son with me too? It would be an adventure, just the two of us. So we did.

As for the actual details of what we did while we were there, I’m not real clear on those. Hang out, go out to eat, drive around and see stuff, go shopping. The usual. I do remember that the World Series was going on during this trip, so I know we watched some of that, and there was a presidential debate on one of the nights, probably Monday the 19th, my mom’s birthday, with Bush, Clinton, and Perot. Other than that, though, not many details survive. Mainly just this: I was not at work, and had zero responsibilities. Which was very nice, because it was the major point of the entire trip.

But as I had started to learn on the drive to Reston, and would continue to find out on the multiple legs of the drive home, the trip would ultimately be more about bonding and serendipity.

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