Penn State Fires Joe Paterno

PSU Trustees Fire Paterno, Spanier

It’s pretty disgusting, but here is the grand jury report, which is worth reading if you want to really understand the depth of the depravity that has — allegedly — been going on at Penn State for well over ten years.

The allegations paint a picture of former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky as an evil sexual predator who used his Second Mile charitable foundation to gain access to, and then prey on, boys as young as 8 or 10. The allegations also paint a picture of the Penn State athletic administration allowing felony sexual assault – against children – to occur routinely on their premises.

While Paterno seems to have met the least stringent test for doing his job with reporting the one incident that was apparently brought to his attention, he is entrusted with the ultimate authority and responsibility for the football program. And if he knew that child rape occurred but didn’t push hard enough to ensure it wasn’t occurring again, and again, under his watch and within his facilities, then I’m sorry, but you have to take the fall for that. There is no escaping that level of criminal conduct under your watch.

This scandal is by far the biggest sports scandal of any kind, in my lifetime. And the biggest irony here is that Penn State football was considered one of the cleanest, most honorable programs in all of college sports, largely because of the steady hand and leadership of Joe Paterno. He was the living symbol of winning the right way: “success with honor”.

And now, that’s all over. Gone. Poof. Just like that. And all because powerful people chose to protect their own rather than to protect innocent children. It’s an epic tragedy, on several levels, and for many, many people.


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