NBA Players Going for Broke – Quite Literally, for Some of Them

OK, I’m not a huge NBA guy, and have not been following the lockout very closely, other than the daily updates in the news and on ESPN SportsCenter, which I seem to be addicted to lately. So consider the source here.

But if I’m reading this right, the main reason they just rejected the final league offer is because of luxury tax issues which would “severely hamper free agency and restrict overall player movement”.

Here’s the league offer in PDF form.  I tried reading it but quickly got a headache from the big words and stuff. But you go right ahead.

So here’s what that sounds like to me. They are ready to lose an entire season, and therefore measurably hurt every NBA fan and every business that relies on the NBA — such as restaurants and hotels to athletic wear companies and tattoo parlors — to preserve free agency and the huge paydays that go with it for the elite few.

That ought to go over really well in a stagnant economy, with true unemployment around 18%.

As I said on Facebook the other day: “Good luck rebuilding that fan base, guys”.

via NBA lockout — Players will not accept deal, will seek to disband, Billy Hunter says – ESPN Chicago.


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