$62,500 in Fines From Bears-Lions Nov. 13

I’m surprised it wasn’t higher. The list:

  • D.J. Moore – $15k for showing Matthew Stafford wasssup and explaining just why you don’t grab other players by the head and try to throw them to the ground
  • Nick Fairley – $15k for taking FOUR steps – not one, not two, not three, FOUR steps – after Cutler threw the ball and driving him into the ground on his throwing shoulder
  • Earl Bennett – $10k for wearing ORANGE SHOES (omg the horror, isn’t anybody going to stop this man?!)
  • Matthew Stafford – $7.5K for taking out his frustrations on D.J. Moore’s head, unwisely as it turns out
  • Rob Sims – $7.5K for … I don’t know, who the hell is Rob Sims?
  • Kyle Vanden Bosch – $7.5K for hitting Matt Forte late, on  the first or second play of the game, way to set the tone, nice leadership for a veteran

The really amazing thing is that Ndamukong Suh got no fine or penalty for tearing Cutler’s helmet off during a tackle, which is kinda nutty when you consider that if that happened to Tom Brady, some flags woulda been flyin’, I’m pretty sure. Mmmkay.

One final note: Lions Coach Jim Schwartz might want to worry a little more about his players and a little less about other coaches and how hard they shake his hand.

NFL fines Matthew Stafford of Detroit Lions, D.J. Moore of Chicago Bears for clash – ESPN Chicago.


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