D3 Hoops Player Scores 89 Points – Internet Commenters Blast Him for No Assists or Defensive Rebounds

So, so predictable.

On Saturday, a guy named Griffin Lentsch of Grinnell College (Iowa) scored 89 points in a single game. Which doesn’t happen every day, or even every year. Or, to be 100% truthful here, even every decade. Because that is A LOT of friggin’ points.

In fact, it is a new Division III record, and is the most points scored in any NCAA game of any kind since 1954, almost 60 years ago.

But for some armchair wizards of the Internet, Sports Edition, this guy sucks. See, he had zero assists, and zero defensive rebounds. Therefore: giant loser!

You see, he took 55 shots. And yes, zero assists is hardly ideal, nor is zero defensive rebounds. And if you only scored like 23 points on those 55 shots, then yeah, that sucks pretty bad and you deserve whatever harsh criticism comes your way.

But … let’s examine those results again: EIGHTY … NINE … POINTS.

15-of-33 from three point range. The guy had 45 points just on his threes! And overall, he was 27-of-55, nearly 50%, which is perfectly acceptable for any outside shooter. And they won by 48 points (145-97), so it’s not like there was a potential to lose the game. And he was 20-of-22 from the free throw line.

So I’ll just say it right here: Congratulations to Griffin Lentsch for a new Division III scoring record, the third highest total ever in any NCAA game, and the most since 1954.

And some of you Internet commenters might want to grab a big glass of Shut The Hell Up once in a while. Or just say “nice game”.



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