Tebow vs. Elway, First Ten Starts. Guess Who’s Better?


(via http://twitter.com/#!/SportsCenter/status/143726958835023873/photo/1)

To hammer the point even harder: in the whole history of the NFL, what QB has ever had stats like Tebow’s in the first 10 starts of their career? Has it ever happened?

A 7-3 record, with 1,600+ yards, 13 TD and only 4 picks, plus 5 rushing TD, is pretty freaking good for any quarterback at any age, and for a guy’s first 10 starts, that has to be among the all-time best.

But he’s an in your face Christian and his throwing motion sucks, so he is obviously no good at all, and this is just a mirage. Or something. I don’t know, you tell me.

I like the guy, and I hope he succeeds in the NFL as a starter over the long term, and I’m fine with his overt Christianity. His players obviously love playing for him and see him as a genuine leader. And frankly I think the NFL (and every other sport except hockey, which already has a lot of humble guys in it) could use a lot more like him.


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