Back to Work, Fool. But At Least You Don’t Need No Coat.

Here we go. Extended break over, holidays passed, January in Chicago awaits. Yuck.

But we’ve had some amazingly warm weather this winter, especially the last couple of weeks, when instead of a typical daytime high of around 25 or 30 degrees, and nighttime lows in the teens or lower, we’ve had consistent highs in the 40s and even hit 50 a couple of times, and many nights didn’t even get down to 32 degrees. And we have no snow, and have only seen a couple of inches so far.

Friday night I tweeted:

10:57 pm. January 6. 46 degrees. FORTY SIX DEGREES AT 11PM. If this is Global Warming, I want more more MORE!

The last few winters around here have been notably colder and snowier than the previous years.


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