Treason Charges for Pakistani Doctor?

Now Pakistan is considering treason charges against the Pakistani doctor who assisted in the SEAL Team raid to capture or kill Bin Laden.

Officially, this is a little hard to explain. Treason, for capturing the world’s most-wanted terrorist? How exactly does that work? He’s been a man without a country for decades. He was not Pakistani. Treason charges would amount to an official admission that Pakistan sides with Islamist terrorists over freedom and a good relationship with the United States.

Which, unofficially, we already knew. We knew that Bin Laden had close ties with Islamist radicals in both the Pakistan military intelligence unit, the ISI, and in Pakistan government. This just cements the relationship. Or it would, if he wasn’t d-e-a-d.

And that has to scare the crap out of some of these Islamist types: one private citizen plus United States Special Forces circumvented the security of an entire sovereign nation, and vented Osama bin Laden’s skull.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta didn’t help Dr. Shakeel Afridi’s case by publicly confirming on CBS 60 Minutes that the doctor was involved. Well done, Leon!

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