Oscar Notes: “The Artist” wins big, and Meryl Streep is good people

Watched some of the Oscars last night. A silent black-and-white movie named “The Artist” was judged Best Picture, with Best Actor and Best Director and various other Bests. Have not seen it, just like I haven’t seen nearly every other movie out of Hollywood last year. It does look interesting.

The best part of the night was Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech for winning Best Actress for “The Iron Lady”. She has been nominated seventeen times, and this is her third win.

Her speech was funny and self-deprecating, especially at the beginning, and then she choked up a little bit in thanking her husband Don, and then she moved straight into how much she has enjoyed the ride, and all the people she has met in her long career, and how those connections are really what makes it all worthwhile. It was touching and compelling and funny, and she was obviously moved and reaching that age where you start looking back on your life and evaluating just what it all means.

You can easily see why people like her so much. She seems like good people, Hollywood or no. Here she is:

And since Margaret Thatcher, the subject of the movie, was a powerful and remarkable leader who has my admiration, I do need to see “The Iron Lady”.


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