Patrick Hedger on government subsidies for the Chevy Volt

In 2011, the Volt barely reached 75 percent of projected sales. GM had planned to expand production to 60,000 vehicles in 2012 but so far has only sold a little over 1,500.

This bailout and jobs program thinly veiled as some sort of automotive breakthrough has been incredibly expensive. The base model Volt is listed with and MSRP of $31,645 however when considering state and federal government subsidies the cost per vehicle dwarfs the MSRP. With $2.3 billion coming from the federal government alone, total subsidies are well over $3 billion for the program. This makes the cost of each Volt sold well over $200,000 – Patrick Hedger of Freedomworks

Like throwing money in to a furnace.

via The Solyndra Saga: Part… (uh… we’re losing count): Low Voltage

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