I need a “I survived one day of P90X” t-shirt

Following up on yesterday’s item that I was about to start on the P90X workout program, I am happy to report that I can still walk today, and lift my arms, and get up out of my chair, and everything!

Of course, if I had done the entire workout, instead of half of it, then this would be a more notable feat. And to be brutally frank, I only managed a tiny percentage of the actual reps that the strangely likable Tony Horton asked me to do during that one half of a workout.

I call this system “pacing myself”. Also, “avoiding catastrophic injury”.  I’ll get there, but it might take a few weeks — it’s not that I’m completely out of shape, but I have been focusing more on legs in my workouts the last few months.

Tonight is plyometrics, which is Latin for “work harder ‘cuz u r 2 fat and 2 old”, I think.


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