I’ll take Vanderbilt Commodores for 500, Alex

Well it’s almost the start of the college football season, and so it’s time for me to pick an “out of market” team for me to follow this year. I’m thinking Vanderbilt, partly because of this video which I just cannot watch enough times:

It looks to me like Coach James Franklin could get his players to walk through fire for him, and that takes you a long ways in football, since effort and determination and the sheer force of will is often the difference between winning and losing. This kind of thing is exactly why I love football so much (and why it pains me to hear about how dangerous the game has become). And congratulations to Mr. Marc Panu for working hard and earning a full scholarship to Vanderbilt, which is probably worth $60,000 or more. Per year. Nice job, young man.

Vanderbilt is in the SEC which plays some pretty good quality football every year, and is one of my favorite conferences to watch because of it. Plus, we are friends with a family whose son just started there and marches in the marching band.

That’s enough for me — Vanderbilt it is then. A few fun facts, their schedule and some handy links:

  • QB Jordan Rodgers became the starter during the last half of last season and ignited their offense to 31.5 ppg over the last seven games
  • Vanderbilt led the SEC last year in plays that gained 20 yards or more
  • Season ticket sales are way up and they have renovated the stadium and added a new jumbotron, new field turf, better lighting, and a hill big enough for 500 people in one end zone
  • Their nickname is the Commodores, which means either “naval officer: a title for a very senior captain in the U.S. Navy who is assigned command responsibilities generally lesser than those of a rear admiral but generally greater than those of a captain” or “famous black singing group of the 1970s and 80s” depending on your frame of reference
Date Opponent*
Aug. 30, 2012 South Carolina
Sept. 8, 2012 at Northwestern
Sept. 15, 2012 PRESBYTERIAN
Sept. 22, 2012 at Georgia
Oct. 6, 2012 at Missouri
Oct. 13, 2012 Florida
Oct. 20, 2012 Auburn
Oct. 27, 2012 Massachusetts
Nov. 3, 2012 at Kentucky
Nov. 10, 2012 at Ole Miss
Nov. 17, 2012 Tennessee
Nov. 24, 2012 at Wake Forest

Scores/schedule – Yahoo Sports

Team Report – Yahoo Sports

Scores/schedule – Vandysports.com


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