Excellent car radio timing – it’s what I do

This morning during my drive to work I was listening to a local country station, and was suddenly confronted by some new “Big and Rich” song. Not really a big fan, so . . .

I flipped over to WLS-FM for some oldies, and was very pleased to hear the very first line of Stevie Wonder’s “You are the Sunshine of My Life” over the speakers.

Up went the volume, and then again, and then one more time. There is no volume that is “too high” for this tune, or indeed for most of Stevie Wonder’s late 60s and early 70s recorded output which, for me, is just about the pinnacle of popular music in the post-Beatles rock n roll era.

Listen to the mastery, the power and subtlety of his vocals. Turn it up, but most of all, ENJOY.


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