Declining American CO2 output in a world of increasing CO2 output – and unchanged temperatures over the last 15 years

Believe it or not

Telling a story with headline links about oil and gas, fracking, and CO2, from the last 18 months or so … with some additions by me:

A Renaissance in American Oil Production … Because of the Very Fracking That Matt Damon is So A-Skeered Of

America’s Plan to Cut Carbon: Frack Now … And Hey, Since Fracking Cuts Carbon Output, It Should Really Qualify for Carbon Credits, and Wouldn’t THAT Make Some Green Heads Explode

U.S. Cuts Greenhouse Gases Despite Do-Nothing Congress … Technology Advances Without Congress? Who Approved This?

Shhh, U.S. Leads World In Carbon Emissions Reductions … Betcha Didn’t Know THAT

Surprise! Which country has had the greatest CO2 cuts since Kyoto went into effect … So why is this news limited to a blog at the Houston Chronicle website? Kind of a big deal, no?

Global carbon-dioxide emissions increase by 1.0 Gt in 2011 to record high… But can you blame China, India, Russia, and Brazil, and the rest of the developing world for choosing to grow their economy rather than meet arbitrary carbon reduction goals?

Antarctic ice shelves not melting at all, new field data show… Turns out, the original claim that it was melting was based on inaccurate models, instead of actual empirical observation. Fooled ya!

So: “Fracking” has driven an amazing resurgence in American oil and gas production AND has decreased CO2 emissions in the process. All the while, the EU attempted to use financial instruments to counteract solar radiation – via the exceedingly silly “carbon offset markets”. This of course did nothing to curb CO2 but did enrich connected Friends of Al Gore and other cronies, as expected and as planned.

Yet … people “know” that we are running out of oil, and that fracking is bad, and that America is polluting the air with ever-increasing amounts of evil, toxic CO2, and that polar ice caps are melting quickly, and Oh My God run for the hills!

Did you know that America is putting less CO2 into the atmosphere, down 7.7% since 2006? Some of this is due to declining economic activity, no doubt, and I’d be happier to see a real reduction in CO2 with a growing economy, but some is apparently due to increased use of natural gas for heating, since natural gas emits less CO2 into the air than coal. And it’s directly related to the very same “fracking” that our president, our EPA, and Chief Ethics Officer Matt Damon are so deathly afraid of. Could somebody get all of them on a conference call or something? Because the rules of the game have changed.

So remind me again, Friends of Al Gore … what exactly is the problem here? Warming crisis? What warming crisis? Even with increasing CO2 around the world – but not in the U.S. – temperatures are not rising, and have not risen for 15 years now. And that is including temperature data corrupted by constant meddling and “adjustments” to do clever things like make the 1930s look less incredibly hot than they were in the U.S. A full 70% of the temperature collection stations in the United States do not measure up to the U.S. government’s own guidelines on collecting good scientific data.

In other words, if manmade global warming were an 8th grade science project, it would get an “F”.

Again: American CO2 output down 7.7% since 2006. Superior technology has led to cheaper and more abundant energy, and declining CO2 output. And by “superior technology”, we do not mean “Wonderful legislation from your U.S. Congress”. In fact, Washington has done more to put up roadblocks to energy development rather than to remove them.

People are free to believe what they choose, but when you believe what you want to believe despite a lack of valid, true, empirical scientific evidence to support it, you are practicing a belief system, or a religion. Which is pretty ironic, when you think about it, because Bill Maher and other militant atheists despise religion but they love manmade global warming.

And while there is definitely a place in our hearts and minds, and in our culture, and in the world at large, for believing in things we cannot see, touch, or feel, for the power of belief in things that now and forever transcend our limited understanding, that place is not a political movement dressed up as science.


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