Bill McBride on learning to tune out gloom and doom

Why do I change my views? I don’t know, I just go where the data leads me. I think a better question for some of the other people is why they didn’t change theirs? And I think the answer is they tend to be bearish all the time. You’ve been around long enough to know that there’s a whole industry of gloom and doom, the ZeroHedge mentality kind of guys. I’m almost 60 years old. All my life there’s been people telling me that the world’s gonna end for this and that reason in the next few years….

via Bill McBride Of Calculated Risk – Business Insider

Remarks: Going where the data leads you . . . what a concept! Where I come from, we call that “rationality”.

As for tuning out gloom and doom, yep. Heard it all before, way too many times. Never seems to happen. I’ll just let it ride, and save the emotional energy, thank you very much.

… Not gonna do it …


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