Lindsay Abrams on coffee

Not only have most of coffee’s purported ill effects been disproven — the most recent review fails to link it the development of hypertension — but we have so, so much information about its benefits. We believe they extend from preventing Alzheimers disease to protecting the liver. What we know goes beyond small-scale studies or limited observations. The past couple of years have seen findings, that, taken together, suggest that we should embrace coffee for reasons beyond the benefits of caffeine, and that we might go so far as to consider it a nutrient.

via The Case for Drinking as Much Coffee as You Like – Lindsay Abrams – The Atlantic

Remarks: Once upon a time, coffee was just coffee. Then it was dangerous. Now it’s benign, possibly even a nutrient. At what point do we start to catch on that much of what we think we ‘know’ turns out later to be either disproven or, even worse, the exact opposite of what is actually true?

We sure do waste a lot of time, energy, and money obsessing over … not much.

I love coffee, and I drink 3-5 cups every day of my life. It just works for me. I’m very glad that research seems to support the idea that it’s good for my health, but I’d still drink it anyway, regardless. Because it makes me happy, and life is short, and doctors and researchers don’t spend enough time researching any of that.


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