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Mainly sports, health, education, economics, military, music, with some politics and local stuff thrown in. Very little personal info. I’m a big picture guy, and I write big picture posts. I try very hard to avoid invective and ad hominem attacks, but sometimes, some people deserve it. If somebody is a lying sack of shit, I’m going to call them on it.

Some important formatting info to reduce confusion: the Noted and Quoted tag means that: (a) every such post starts with a quote of some kind, for which I use bolded burnt orange text and then regular black text for my own comments (if any, sometimes I present quotes without commentary).

I run some other pages linked to the blog content; see the menu bar on the main page. I also write essays at docs.google.com and run two tumblr blogs: here and here. Also, Facebook and Twitter. But I’m not a big social media guy, I use it mainly to aggregate the content from this site.

I’ve been writing/blogging on the Internet since Sept. 2002, at various locations and with various goals. Most of that content is now gone, though I have it saved somewhere.

Comments are welcome. I control all content that appears on this site, and I reserve the right to delete or edit any comment at any time, for any reason. I also reserve the right to edit and publish any email I get. So be nice. If you think I’m an idiot, congratulations, get in line. To contact me use this email (the italicized bits represent symbols, duh) jeffbrokaw -at- gmail -dot- com.

About me

I’ve been around the block a few times, and I believe in pragmatic examination of problems in order to find solutions that work. Anything else is more about making oneself feel good about caring, about wanting to fix something, than actually fixing it.

I believe in reading as the single most important thing a person can do to become educated, and therefore to contribute to society as an informed citizen. It used to be a duty, but has become viewed as optional in latter times, since we must first find the time to track the TV exploits of an American Idol or a Bachelor. Food for thought: “celebrity” is the work of Satan. Discuss.

I believe in people being different in some crucial ways, but alike in many others, and I refuse to follow the words of those who sow seeds of victimhood or exploitation. Men/women, European/American/Arab/, black/brown/while/yellow/other, gay/straight, urban/rural, whatever. Look for commonality first. Cultural brainwashing accounts for much of the rest. Smart people can overcome these limitations. And it may come down to that for our survival.

I believe in believing, when it comes to the power of spirituality and religion, though organized religion has its own set of problems. Everybody believes in something, but those who practice faith understand something better than those who don’t: the power, and proper role, of belief in their lives. And I recommend only investing that power where it is deserved, which would exclude politicians, “global warming”, politics, drugs, food, experts of all stripes, doctors, lawyers, and most especially, politicians. Did I mention politicians?

I believe in the power of a good marriage, which is either built up or torn down every day by the interactions you have. Faith is not just for church. You married this person. Have faith in them, and in their motives. By doing so, you are teaching your kids the value of respecting loved ones, and providing them with a foundation they can fall back on in their own future relationships.

I believe that kids possess good memories, and will remember how you treated them. Watch out. But do your job, and provide both love and discipline. You aren’t doing them any favors if you set them up for failure in life.

I believe in free markets and free people.