Hey America, it’s Flag Day, June 14!

I fly a flag on my house day and night and have for years. It’s easy to do – just make sure you keep it lit up at night.

By flying a flag day and night, I make two things known to all who pass: I love my country, warts and all. And I love and support our fantastic military, the greatest the world has ever known, defenders of freedom throughout the world.

There was a day when such notions were assumed across our culture, without regard to political party affiliation or “blue” and “red” state designations. That day is not gone, not yet; but it does appear to be receding into the rear-view mirror. And that is a real tragedy.

America is a great place to live and raise a family. Don’t be afraid to say it. Fly a flag. It doesn’t mean you — or I — think America is perfect. Far, far from it. But perfection is not the goal, and is not attainable on Earth, because the world is an imperfect place where some places are a lot more imperfect than others. This much I know.

So I fly a flag. It’s not much, but it’s something, and sometimes when I look at it, I pause for a few seconds and ponder the sacrifices made on my behalf by others who gave up their lives for an idea: freedom. And I give thanks.

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