Well. It would be hard to top this ridonkulous pile of bullcrap from our new Supreme Court nominee:

“I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.” – Judge Sonia Sotomayor, in her Judge Mario G. Olmos Law and Cultural Diversity Lecture at the University of California (Berkeley) School of Law in 2001

So if Latina women are so wise, why would a Supreme Court nominee, blessed with these Latina woman super-powers, embarrass herself  in public by saying something as provincial, divisive, and intolerant as that?

This statement sums up what is wrong with today’s Left most succintly. Note that she doesn’t just speculate that a minority woman with the magic of the “richness of her experiences”, whatever that is, would be wiser than a white male.  She actively hopes for it.

In other words, this isn’t idle academic theorizing, based on sober and professional curiosity. It is the fruition of decades of Post-Modern mumbo-jumbo about narratives being “truer” than the facts that inform them.

And a bigger pile of bullshit is harder to imagine.

Q: Do we trust this person to remember that “all men are created equal”? Hmm.

Just for fun, switch it around a little: pretend she is instead a white male. A southern white male, making the same comment but referring to blacks.

“I would hope that a wise Southern white man with the richness of his experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a black male who hasn’t lived that life.”

This southern white male would be pilloried by the media, the opportunists in Congress, and most of America. Absolutely hammered. And with good reason.

Sure, lots of people walk around with these kind of thoughts in their heads. Only the dim bulbs among us say them out loud.

Yet today, it is considered “wisdom” when uttered by a Latina woman?

Gosh, thanks, but I’m trying to cut down on my racist platitudes!

It looks like we’ve already forgotten that Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement were all about ignoring skin color and racial identity, not elevating and exploiting it. I’d love to hear somebody tell me why was it was wrong for whites to say—and believe—similar things about blacks for centuries, but perfectly fine for Latinos or anybody non-white to say—and believe—similar things about whites today.

[… cue crickets in 3, 2, 1 …]

There was a time and place when this kind of loony talk would have been rightly dismissed by the culture at large. Today, though, we are too cowed by fear of being labeled “haters” to call out racist bullshit perpetrated by non-whites, towards whites.

Racist bullshit cuts both ways. And that’s exactly what this is: pure, 100%, unfiltered racist bullshit. And from a Supreme Court nominee. My, my. How far we have fallen.

And she’s on record saying this numerous times. Obviously, Judge Sotomayor wants us to know that she has a race-infused worldview, about alleged street smarts and female empathy being superior to both analytical logical skill picking through Constitutional law, and clarity of thought to separate relevant facts from irrelevant facts.

That’s just silly.

Presidents usually do very few things that really impact our lives in any lasting, meaningful way. One of those, though, is nominating Supreme Court justices who then serve for life. Obviously, a very powerful tool in the President’s bag. And when he (or she) abuses that power by appointing nominees who meet their misguided standards about the importance of judicial “empathy”, I have to call them on it.

So, here is the new reality: our intellectual standards have been lowered so much that even a Supreme Court nominee can say something stupid, that goes to the very question of their fitness for that appointment, with no national outrage.

We have become immune to racist demagoguery and pandering as essentially “normal”, even from a Supreme Court justice.

We’ve ended up in this intellectual wasteland because too many of us bought into politically-correct, post-modern silliness about class warfare outranking accomplishment, and narratives trumping facts.

You don’t have to be conservative to see through this looniness. You just have to be awake.