He says so, unprompted.

Of course, he would say that, even if he didn’t write it, since he is a narcissistic Post-Modern radical (among other things). Post-Modernism tells us that only narrative matters, not objective truth. There is no objective truth. Truth is a tool of oppression over minorities and wymmyns, while narrative is useful politically to empower them.

Yeah, it sounds dumb to me too, but it’s what they teach in college these days. Feeling better about that $20,000 yearly tuition bill yet?

And so, because truth doesn’t matter, it’s OK to write the book but yield full authorship credit to Obama. And then later, because truth still doesn’t matter, it’s also OK to put the lie to Obama’s authorship, and stab the President of the United States in the back. Really, just do whatever works for you at the time. It’ll be fine. Truth is so 20th century.

So, should we believe Ayers? After all, he is a narcissistic Post-Modern radical. Also, a back-stabbing tool. Plus, as we know according to the rules of Post-Modernism, there is no objective truth, only narrative.

Well, literary analysis backs up his authorship claim. So maybe Ayers is finally now being truthful, while he stabs his friend, the President of the United States, in the back. Truth as revenge! A perfect guy to be a Distinguished Professor of Education, and the author of many textbooks used widely in Education schools all over the U.S.

As for Obama, this could be sticky. The authorship of “Dreams from My Father” is just about the only feather in his cap, and that now appears to be gone. Not only that, but since he pretended not to know the radical 60s fugitive loon, this development is somewhat embarrassing, no?

Oh, what a tangled web we weave. It’s hard to keep up with all the deception. Maybe Obama should consider writing his own damn books. Oh, wait, he did, Audacity of Hope in 2006. Unfortunately, it was crappy, and not written by the same person that wrote “Dreams”. Whoops!

Of course, just recently he was announced as the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, despite having accomplished precisely nothing in the Peace department. I almost started to wonder about the credibility of the Nobel Peace Prize people, but then I remembered: they don’t have any.

Rarely have so many … adored a man so much … for doing so little.

So, here’s the bottom line. The evidence points to a conclusion that Ayers almost assuredly wrote “Dreams from My Father”. And he has claimed that authorship, entirely on his own. But put that aside for a moment, and consider that Ayers is now happy to stab his “friend” and political ally Obama right in the back.

I guess they don’t make “guys in the neighborhood” like they used to.