I don’t know about the weather where you live, but where I live, in the Chicago area, we’re just finishing up with a winter unlike any other in the last 30 years or so, since the Winter of ’79, which was so legendary around these parts that it deserves a capital “W”.

It’s enough to make me wish we were heating up the planet a little more with our CO2.

Instead of, you know, relying pretty much exclusively on the Sun, like we have in the past.

We recently learned that 2008 was the coolest year in the U.S. since 1997.

Yet, we are subjected nearly every day to some “news” story about “climate change”, a term which has somehow taken the place of “global warming”. And this is a very curious turn: hey, if your whole theory rests on the idea that man is runing the planet with CO2 emissions, don’t you kind of weaken your own argument by running away from the whole “heat” thing?

And doesn’t the climate always change somewhat, over the course of 10 or 20 years? Or is that just “weather”? Where do you draw that line, exactly?

They might as well title these stories the same all the time: “The weather changes! And it’s a crisis, and also entirely our fault! Run for the hills! And give your money to the government to fix it!”

They’re even teaching our kids all about “climate change” in schools now. My nine year old son gave me the grim news about this a few weeks ago. They call it “science”.

Um, no, this is not “science”. Science involves dispassionate examination of theories, and attempts to disprove them, not by “denialists”, but by the very scientists who propose them. Instead, we see lies, obfuscation, and manipulation by the “scientists” at IPCC.

But this is where we are today, in our Post-Modern world: narratives based on unexamined dogma enter the social discussion, and then dominate it as accepted wisdom, entirely because of advocacy, rather than their merits. And this is an unqualified bad thing.

And after a few years of scare-mongering, eventually we arrive at a time when lots of smart people — catch the irony here — believe in completely unproven and sloppy “science” with hell-bent religious fervor.

Let’s look at just one factoid from the Global Warming debate.

According to the late, great Michael Crichton in “State of Fear”, the increase in CO2 concentration in our atmosphere is 60 PPM, from 316 to 376 PPM. I’ve seen other quotes with similar numbers, so I think it’s safe to trust them.

It is vitally important to this entire debate to understand how small these numbers are.

376 PPM is 376/1,000,000 = .000376 = .0376%

60 PPM is 60/1,000,000 = .000060 = .006%.

So the total increase in CO2 concentration has increased from .0316% to .0376%.  Therefore, the increase is .006%.

Not 6%, or .6%, or even .06%, but .006%.

Pretend you make $100,000 and got a .006% raise this year. .006% of $100,000 is, let’s see … $6.00.

Woo. Hoo.

We are, quite literally, freaking out over a change to .006% of our atmosphere. Governments around the world, like our very own, are attempting to ram through legislation to “fix” this nonexistent problem by implementing carbon taxes and carbon trading schemes, before the world wakes up to this scam.


Never mind that our atmosphere over time has shown increases and decreases just like that.  Never mind that the CO2 concentration has in fact been much higher in the past.  Never mind that common sense tells us that it is unlikely that a .006% change in our atmosphere could cause measurable consequences of any kind.

Never mind that, in comparison, our Sun bombards our planet with unbelievable amounts of electromagnetic radiation — you know, sunlight and warmth — without which we would all die, or wish we could. We should be praying to God to ramp up the sunspot production, to avoid a historic cold snap, is what we should be doing.

Never mind that I’m pretty sure the amount of energy stored up in our oceans, which then heat the atmosphere, would dwarf this .006%. Never mind that few seem concerned about what is happening with the other 99.994% of the atmosphere that could either offset the horribly worrisome .006%, or be even worse.

And never mind, especially, that the human cost — in actual lives lost — of things like malaria and lack of drinkable water in much of the world is a real problem that the world has today, and could be the focus of all our angst, instead, if we wanted to do something useful with our money and our angst.

Again: .006%

But we live in a Post-Modern world, and facts don’t matter much any more. Only narratives matter in a Post-Modern world.

But narratives are often wrong. Usually, even. And that is why this is so important.

And this is really the larger point here. A large group of people willingly accept any old pile of bullshit that sounds plausible, and run with it, because it’s easier: “it’s in the newspaper, it must be true.” Or they buy into the unscientific and unproven theories of the IPCC, with a quaint but naive faith in Objectivity as a guiding force.

And the money machine behind man-made global warming does everything in its power to make sure it is easier for us to buy into their product, and pushes it on us via intersecting interests in various power centers: government, academia, think tanks, enviromentalists, and the media, in particular. This is how “An Inconvenient Truth” ends up getting sold to school districts around the country to edu-ma-cate our kids about “science”.

Yet when we shed the harsh light of facts on the discussion, we see that temps are getting colder all over the world, since 1998, after you remove the distortions introduced by eco-nuts and charlatans.

And we’re pumping all this disinformation into the heads of our kids based on politics, and calling it Science.

That’s just perfect.

So the end result of all this?  Received wisdom that is completely unfounded, and therefore invalid, yet passed along to our kids, in public school.

Funded by you and me, the taxpayer. Making them dumber.  And I mean that literally. Getting ill yet?

And to make it even worse, this wrong-headed paranoia is embraced by some with a fervor that can only be compared to funadmentalist religion.

Sometimes I sit back and watch what goes on in the world, and I’m amazed that so many people in power lie to so many of us, so often, and with so much contempt. And I’m amazed that so many of us put up with it, convinced that all these influences around us are benign, and have our best interests at heart — government, the media, the UN, etc.

If only it were so.

So, not to snow on Al Gore’s parade or anything — but we are officially done with the idea that Global Warming even exists, at all, in any form whatsoever. Not just whether man is causing this alleged warming, but whether this “accepted wisdom” that the planet is getting warmer has any relationship to true facts.

Because facts matter …

The Earth is not, in fact, warming. And the “science” used to sell global warming is, in fact, based on questionable data and flawed climate models. And when it does get warmer, like it did in the 1300s, it is due, in fact, to causes we can’t even begin to dream of controlling, like the Sun. And the Sun is now entering a historic low for sunspot activity — true fact! — which in the past has always meant severe cold. And even if Earth did get warmer, melting sea ice won’t, in fact, raise sea levels — duh, when does floating ice ever raise water levels when it melts? — and besides, warmer temps are good for crop production and overall health of the planet and its inhabitants. True facts, all.

Jules Crittenden nominates the uncovering of this lie as the Top Story of 2009.

But as a good citizen, and in recognition of the fact that CO2 is now up from .0316% to .0376% of our atmosphere, I promise to devote an extra .006% over and above my usual amount of worrying about environmental catastrophe to the possibility that, contrary to the evidence from the past, CO2 will prove to be a cause of warming, rather than a symptom.

Hey, I love the environment, too!

And don’t forget to recycle.


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