Frank Gaffney gives the details.

You go, Frank.

Honestly, I don’t get too worked up about politicians any more. They do what politicians do, which is to say that they lie, and steal, and take payoffs, and generally do whatever is necessary to stay in the spotlight they crave so desperately, and to keep or gain the power they lust after so strongly. Hey, knock yourselves out, dude-sicles! Just don’t ask me to respect you in the morning.

But sometimes, a politician will make a misstep that is so over the line, so insulting, so moronic, so reprehensible to that most American of ideals — freedom — that I have to speak up about it. I can’t not speak up.

Jimmy Carter has done just that.

I don’t get this guy. He is revered by many in the media, and in the publishing world, and also by various dictators who — no doubt — contribute large sums to his foundation in exchange for a clean bill of health by his election monitoring crews.

“Elections” … run by dictators. Yeah, I’m sure there’s nothing untoward going on there. Pretty sure. Almost, pretty much, very nearly sure.

This same set of Carter groupies, naturally, also supports the idea that a former U.S. President should run all over the world, kissing the collective ass of some of the worst dictators and tyrants and terrorists the world has to offer. Like, say, Hamas.

What is to admire about this? It’s anathema to everything we stand for. We didn’t fight wars in defense of freedom, and spill blood in foreign lands, so that this deranged old coot could celebrate tyranny and murder by meeting with the leader of Hamas.

We are supposed to revile these people, not treat them like Kings. It isn’t super-complicated, Jimmy; try to keep up.

And especially now, today, when we are engaged in a war against terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, and trying to contain Iran. For five years now, we’ve had troops getting killed by the very tactics and nihilist philosophies advocated by the likes of Hamas. For all we know, and for all practical purposes, Hamas itself is directly involved in attacks on our troops, either by supplying funding or technology. Yet Carter, who forever misses a good opportunity to shut up, pretends he is helping America, somehow.

And Iran … hmmm … didn’t Carter have something to do with emboldening Iran, back in 1979? Doesn’t Iran support Hamas financially? So what is going on here? By all available evidence, he seems to have been more interested in supporting Islamic jihadis, than in supporting America’s interests, both then and now. And all the time in between.

Huh. Is that really advisable for a former U.S. president?

But wait. It gets even better.

This obnoxious fool actually gifted us, just a few days ago, with this unintelligible mess:

“In a democracy, I realize you don’t need to talk to the top leader to know how the country feels. When I go to a dictatorship, I only have to talk to one person and that’s the dictator, because he speaks for all the people.”

Wow. WOW. Go read that again. Savor it. Roll it around in yo’ brain fo’ awhile.

That is just about the stupidest comment I’ve ever heard.

Dictators speak for all the people? Reallllyyyy!?

So when those same dictators arrest and torture and murder citizens for speaking their minds — as dictators always do — this is cool with you, Jimmy? My, that’s some pretty impressive mental gymnastics, there!

That is idiotic on its face. I’m sorry, but you have to turn in your “speaking in public” card when you say something that dumb and ill-informed. Insulting, is what it is. Perhaps the billions of people in the world who’ve lived under the many and various tyrannical and corrupt dictatorships in the last, say, 75 years, would have a different opinion.

Maybe Jimmy needs to go live in a country run by a dictator for a year. Without his foundation, and his bank accounts, and his media access, and his book publishers, and his ego-strokers that people like him always protect themselves with.

And, seriously, is it really necessary to lay a wreath at the grave of a murderer like Yassir Arafat?

Normally, I advocate using formal titles; ex-presidents are still called Mr. President, or President So-and-so. But Jimmy has completely used up any accumulated goodwill, and from this point forward, I will address this loser strictly as “Jimmy”.

I see only three explanations for Jimmy’s recent behavior. He is:

  • intensely stupid, as in, an actual certifiable moron, or
  • obtuse and blinded by ideology, so that he doesn’t really see the harm of doing such things, or
  • obtuse and blinded by ideology, but doesn’t care about the harm of doing such things, and so: a traitorous piece of scum.

Maybe he is one of them, or two of them. Or maybe all three.

You know what? I don’t even care. It doesn’t much matter what the explanation is, the fact is this: he is actively campaigning for our sworn enemies.

This clown used to be our Commander-in-Chief, now he travels to foreign countries to kiss the rings of terrorists.

If I ever hear the words “I support the troops” come out of this loser’s mouth, I swear, I’m going to throw up. And I don’t even wear a uniform; imagine what our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines must think, out there taking the fight to the same terrorists that this dipshit is busy glad-handing.

When Middle East journalists are more pro-America than a former American president, something is horribly, horribly wrong.

And just to bring this up to date, get this: the same tyrants and terrorists, whose asses Carter is so busy kissing, are now lining up behind … guess who … Barack Obama!