Iran is going nuclear, and Pakistan is already there. Iran is run by Muslim extremists. Pakistan is not … not yet, anyway. They’re trying really hard, though.

Pakistani Muslim extremists are meddling in both India and Afghanistan, and have been for decades. Iranian Muslim extremists are meddling in Iraq and other places, and have been for years. These extremists are “educated” at Islamic madrassas, where they mostly memorize the Koran, but also learn to hate America, and how to blame the West for their own brutal, corrupt governments and lack of economic opportunity. After graduation, many of them become jihadis, some travelling to faraway places like the U.K., France, Canada, Australia, and the United States. Then they continue this escapist brainwashing by going to mosques where hate speech is the order of the day.

Saudi Arabia funds much of this hate, in a devil’s bargain made with Wahhabi extremists in their own country, in exchange for an agreement not to attack them. Basically, the Royal Family pays protection money to export hate.

Israel, meanwhile is already a nuclear state, and has been for many years. Israel is also tiny, and close enough to Iran that it is vulnerable to attack by ballistic missiles, which, darn the luck, Iran has bought from North Korea, and is trying to fit with nuclear warheads.

Oh, and Iran mentions destroying Israel at every opportunity. And Pakistan’s military intelligence unit, ISI, has been linked to both 9/11 and the recent Mumbai attacks, and has long-time connections to Al-Qaeda and the lawless regions of Pakistan where even the military fears to tread. Though, lately, the Pakistani military has been killing bad folks there with stunning and admirable determination.

“Rebooting” America’s image is not going to undo decades of brainwashing on millions of people, Mr. President-Elect. It is not going to cut off Saudi Arabian funding of those radical madrassas, many of them in Pakistan, which create thousands of new fanatical jihadis every year. It is not going to go into the hate mosques — in the U.K. and throughout Europe and much of the Muslim world — and undo the constant drumbeat of hate against the West.

I imagine Obama, the newly-elected Leader of the Free World,with advisers out the wazoo, understands what he is really up against here. I hope so, anyway. He can’t really believe that going to some foreign capitol and making nice-nice makes all that hate go away, can he? ‘Cuz that would be pretty silly.

“Great Speeches: They Can Change Everything. We Hope!”

Fark, as usual, gets pithy with it:

Dear Israel, If Iran nukes you first we’ll nuke the shiat out of them. But they have to like totally nuke you and like kill everyone before we respond. Good luck and have fun. Yours truly, Barack Obama

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