Radicalism Might be Cute and Endearing When You’re 22; When You’re 62, Not so Much

I don’t know about you … but for me, this Bill Ayers character should have been left to rot in prison, on charges of treason, sedition, conspiracy to commit murder, or whatever else they could make stick. Somehow the deranged, unrepentant, ex-SDS and ex-Weatherman loon got off — I’m curious to know how, exactly — and if he served any time at all, it wasn’t much.

But if he’d then realized that, as a child of wealth and privilege in a rich country, he was already better off than he had any right to be, nobody would really care about him today. He’d be just another anonymous Joe Schmoe paying a mortgage and watching football on Sundays. You know, like normal people.

It was not to be. Instead, he did what all good 1960s radicals did: go into academia. There, instead of being forced to learn how the real world works — i.e., abandon radicalism in pursuit of, well, normalcy — he could still make a living, yet not shed his radical ideas. A perfect plan!

Then, just wait around, kiss the right behinds, and pretty soon — tenure! And not just tenure, but tenure on the public dime, with no expectation that he should even fake the tiniest bit of contrition about any of his criminal, revolutionary past.

He is today a Professor of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Got that? Education. He teaches the teachers of our kids. Nice example you’re setting, Bill.

Call me kooky, but in my world, a guy with that track record has no business educating anybody about anything, least of all, our kids, at our expense.

And in the late 90s, he was able to cow a Mr. Walter Annenberg out of $50M to radicalize and politicize our Chicago students. Yes, that sounds like a good way to get those test scores up.

And guess who Ayers picked to distribute the money? Barack Obama. Who then raised another $60M for this project. Just a guy in the neighborhood, eh? Of course, happens all the time: “Hey, pal, I don’t know your name, but I’ve seen you ’round here walking your dog and stuff, why don’t you head up my foundation, and you can decide how to spend $50M? Cool with you?”

But wait. It gets worse. Ayers made an appearance with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela in 2006, where he was able to remove his lips from Chavez’ posterior just long enough to say some ridiculous crap-ola, the content of which we should care less about than the fact that, um, he went to Venezuela to meet with Hugo Chavez. Huh. Maybe Fidel Castro was busy that weekend.

Oh, and his philosophy of Education has been summed up as : “One of Ayers’s major themes is that the American public school system is nothing but a reflection of capitalist hegemony. Thus, the mission of all progressive teachers is to take back the classrooms and turn them into laboratories of revolutionary change.

Right. Yeah, that’s an outstanding idea. Freaking stupendous. NOT.

Excuse me. Question here. Is it really the job of an Education professor to rail against “capitalist hegemony”, or to “take back the classrooms and turn them into laboratories of revolutionary change”?

Because I’m just not seeing it. Maybe I’m thick in the head.

Especially when he lives a comfortable middle class existence in a fancy liberal white enclave like Hyde Park. Revolution? Who you kidding, dude?

But hey, you know, whatever. He can do lots of dumb things, because it’s a free country. And we are free to call him what he is: a nutjob. Professor Nutjob, in the Education Department.

And now, the cherry on the sundae, we find out that Obama funneled some of that Annenberg cash to fringe “educational” groups that were friends of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the racist hate-monger preacher that Obama loved for 20 years when it was useful to his career, until it wasn’t any more. These groups were big into “rites of passage” and “Pan-African” thought. Black Panthers, redux. Yep, sure sounds like Education to me!

So let’s sum up here a little bit. Here’s what I see.

Bill Ayers is abusing his power as a professor of education to push radicalism into public schools. We are funding — via tax dollars — his efforts at a public university to teach new generations of teachers all of his sanitized 1960s radical ideas, so that those teachers can get jobs funded by tax money, and teach our kids the filtered version of sanitized 1960s radical ideas.

“1960s Radicalism: wrong as ever, but now with less hair!”

I wonder who would approve of such a thing, if they fully understood what was going on here? And if they did, could we give them an ear flick and send them back to Looneyville?

Yet the public sleeps, blissfully unaware of such efforts, unable and/or unwilling to spend any time to learn more about it, and so, by extension, quite willing to hand over the Presidential reins to Obama. I’ve heard he gives good speeches, you know.

Sorry, but that is a train I’m not riding. Believe in Obama’s speeches and unrealistic tax-and-spend policies all you like; as I noted above, he is just like the rest of them on all that, except a little less white and a little younger.

But he is not like the rest of them in his choice of the causes he adopts, and the shady characters he beds down with. I’m not sure how you explain all that away.

So why are there so many people jumping on this train, despite all this baggage? There are exactly two reasons I can think of that the American people would be willing to do that: either because they too believe all this radicalism is a good thing, or because they know very little about it. As for the first group, I have a hard time believing that, out of about 300 million people in this country, there are more than a few million of them, so it’s probably that second group that is helping drive poll numbers.

So, all you Obama supporters, you still OK with all this? The attempts to infiltrate public schools and radicalize our children? The associating with the likes of Hugo Chavez? Hey, maybe he ran into Jimmy Carter there!

And you’re on board with all of it? Because you can expect to see the likes of this Ayers criminal, and his dopey 1960s radical friends, in an Obama cabinet. That’s what Presidents always do, fill their Cabinet and other key advisory roles with (a) those they trust and (b) those to whom they they owe favors. Feel better yet? And speaking of favors, Obama is from the “where’s mine?” center of the universe, Chicago. So all those politicians that have been caught over the decades with their hands in various unsavory places — in Cook County, in Chicago, in Springfield (which is run by Chicago) — you can expect to see more of those clowns in Washington. Those speeches about Hope ‘n Change are going to be cold comfort when the indictments start reigning down on all the lowlife moneychangers a President Obama will bring with him.

As for myself, it isn’t Obama himself that bugs me, though I’m certainly not a fan. I wouldn’t vote for him based on his policies alone, although all Dems have those policies, pretty much, so in that sense he’s just like the rest of them.

But this pattern of associating with some of the most radical elements of the last 40+ years? Former SDS and Weather Underground types who, instead of growing up, repenting, and going into business, or some other normal line of work, retreat into academia and re-focus their radicalism on our kids?

Mmmmm … gee, thanks … but no, really, I’m trying to cut down.

You are who you associate with, more or less.

So, let’s get down to brass tacks here: the evidence is pretty strong that either Obama is lying completely and absolutely about all this Ayers stuff, or he is so unaware of those he associates with that he lacks the judgment to lead our country. The dreaded two-horned dilemma. Pick your poison!

I’m going with that first one. Moreover, the evidence shows that he fully believes the crackpot educational theories of William Ayers, so the reason he is lying about his association with Ayers is because his handlers have warned him it will will kill his chances at being elected. With good reason, I might add.

Feel better yet? Fans of Obama seem to be saying, “Sure, be as radical and slimy as you like, as long as you say the right things in your speeches!”

In my world, people who hang out with radical losers like Bill Ayers are not worthy to run a Mini-Mart, much less the United States of America.

To quote this hilarious cartoon at Ace of Spades HQ, “Do you have any character references that aren’t corrupt Chicago political fixers, loony racist preachers, or unrepentant terrorists?”

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