The NFL has a rule called the “Rooney Rule”, which is nothing but affirmative action by another name.

The “Rooney Rule” in the NFL requires that two minority candidates be interviewed for every open head coach position, under threat of heavy fines, which the Detroit Lions and Matt Millen can tell you all about, because even though they did interview two minority candidates, the NFL decided those weren’t real interviews and judged them in violation of the rule.

Or ask any of the countless minorities granted interviews just to satisfy the rule, without any real shot at the job. I’m sure they could find better things to do with their time than participate in charades just to help the NFL feel better about itself.

So how did we get here?

In 2002, two attorneys, Johnnie Cochran and Cyrus Mehri, commissioned this flawed study which used a sample size of 5 black head coaches to extrapolate all sorts of conclusions.

Turns out, the black head coaches were getting a raw deal. Shocking, I know.

Again: this study used FIVE black head coaches. What’s the margin of error on a sample size of 5? Probably like 30 or 40%?

So the NFL, driven by Steelers owner Dan Rooney, and armed with a study using a sample size of 5, implemented the “Rooney Rule”.

Couple questions … with helpful answers channeled from the ghost of Johnnie Cochran.

Q: Why even bother with a study that uses such a small sample size of five?

A: To extort the NFL, you big dummy. (lights big fat cigar with $100 bill)

Q: Wasn’t the whole point of the civil rights movement to STOP focusing on skin color and recognize people for who they are and what they do?

A: Yes, it was, absolutely … but victims need victimizers. My job is to help victims find those victimizers, especially if they have deep pockets.  And I have vacation homes to pay off, and Rolls-Royces to buy. That’s how it works, for us parasites.

Thanks for clearing that up, Johnnie. Good to know that corrupt, race-card-playing extortionists can make a living from institutionalized reverse discrimination like this.

What was it that Martin Luther King said in his “I Have A Dream” speech?

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

Seems like we still have some work to do on that one. And it also seems like the Rooney Rule needs to go.


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