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July 2012, the hottest month ever, the NOAA announces with great fanfare.

Perhaps. But that conclusion is not warranted based purely on the science, because of “adjusted” temperatures and a compromised weather station network that actually uses temperatures recorded near airport runways, asphalt parking lots, and air conditioning exhaust vents.

“Science”. Can’t you just smell it? Smells like b.s., tastes like chicken.

For some strange reason, you see, the NOAA does not use their very own new, properly designed weather station network to report on temperatures. It’s called the U. S. Climate Reference Network (USCRN). “Reference”, as in “authoritative” and “trustworthy”. They spent millions developing it, and did it right, apparently, meaning we could trust the data; yet they do not use it to report to the public. Very odd. But don’t take my word for it, read Anthony Watts’ An inconvenient result: July 2012 not a record breaker according to the new NOAA CDC Climate Reference Network.

In another strange coincidence, that very same Climate Reference Network — the newer, better one — recorded temperatures for July 2012 that are more than two full degrees cooler than the old, inferior network that has many compromised stations located near artificial heat sources (known as COOP/USHCN). Therefore, if one were inclined to use temperature data to, oh I don’t know, advance the “oh my GOD the planet is warming what will we DO?!” narrative, then one might be tempted to ignore the more accurate data because it shows cooler temperatures.

Just a series of strange coincidences, eh? Right. No funny business going on here!

Oh, but of course there is, silly, and Anthony Watts via his essential website has been hammering the poor quality of our temperature data for years now, using real science and analysis instead of the politically-charged kind. And when much of the data is garbage, which he demonstrates convincingly, then any conclusions that rely on that garbage data are garbage too. Because that’s how science works. That’s what science is. And climate science that uses this temperature data is not science at all, and tells us nothing useful.

Climate news is just so damn predictable now — lots of moaning and wailing about what a crisis the weather is, and then, after you butch up and put on your big boy undies, and look at the actual data at a site like, and remove the many layers of b.s. and politics and “corrections” and “adjustments” applied by “experts”, a much different picture emerges.

I’ve seen this movie before, like 367 times. It’s boring. B-O-R-I-N-G. You climate change types are wasting my time here, and trying to scare us and make us stupider than we already are. Stop it.

And even IF July 2012 were actually the hottest July ever, what does that mean in the face of the record cold over the last few winters in much of the world? I’m pretty sure that to conclude the planet is warming all over, record cold winters are not helpful. Does that make me a denier of some kind? No, it makes me observant and insistent upon evidence and rigor.

2012 in the U.S. has been hotter in some places, cooler in others, mostly caused by changes in the jet stream due to a La Nina event (a type of Pacific Ocean current). Previous generations — less prone to silliness — called such occurrences “the weather”. We should do that too, and stop wasting so much damn time talking about it, because we have more important problems facing us today that we can actually address. Because like the old saying goes, we all like to complain about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.

Let’s just please move on. PLEASE.