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For me, tomorrow March 15 is notable for two reasons: our former governor Rod Blagojevich enters prison to serve time for various shenanigans while trying to sell Obama’s U.S. Senate seat to whoever could provide him the best swag, and 2) it’s my late father’s birthday (he would have been 75 this year).

So, since Dad couldn’t stand lying, corrupt, sanctimonious a**holes in general, and especially Democrats who fit that template, and a guy like Rod Blagojevich fits both categories … I’m fairly sure that were Dad alive on his 75th birthday tomorrow, he would be pretty happy to see another lying, corrupt, sanctimonious a**hole Democrat and former Illinois governor entering prison.

So, Happy Birthday Dad! By the way, I miss you.

I wonder if Blagojevich and George Ryan, the previous governor who also happens to be in prison, will run into each other in the prison yard, and reminisce about old times, like shaking down state employees for campaign contributions and “volunteer” work, and selling out the public interest for personal gain. Good times.

Where is the current president from, again? Oh right. Illinois.