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Exciting news, I guess.

Personally, I could not care less whether Augusta National Golf Club admits blacks, whites, Asians, CEOs, former slaves, or anybody else.

It’s privately owned. What the hell do I care?

They can do whatever they want. It’s a free country, at least for now. And when you run a privately-held concern in a free country, you certainly have the right to make policies to exclude certain people, within the law. And apparently, at least for now, the law doesn’t require a privately held golf club to admit women.

But here’s the thing that many people like to forget: by making such a policy, of your own free will, you also implicitly understand that you may gain benefits from those policies, and you may suffer costs because of them. It works both ways. You make your choice and live with it. You live with the consequences of your choices.

So what’s next for the Martha Burks of the world? Now what? Will she go after every single golf club in America that allows only males as members? What about clubs that allow only women? Fat chance of that.

Then what? Clubs that only allow rich people? That’s been going on for a loooonnnnggg time, Martha. But Martha Burk doesn’t care about discrimination at large, she just cares about what is best for women, especially since she’s the former head of the National Council of Women’s Organizations.

Wait a minute. You mean they have a special council that is just for women’s organizations?!

Oh, my. The irony. It is very thick.

via Rice, Moore first 2 female members at Augusta – Yahoo! Sports.