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Since I’ve been looking for exactly this type of info, I’m noting this here so I can reference it later and get a few of these from the library and review them.

Dear Book Lover: Recommendations for Teenage Boys –

  • 500 Great Books for Teens (Silvey)
  • The Ultimate Teen Book Guide (ed. Hahn, Flynn, Reuben)
  • Paper Lion (Plimpton) – also Out of My League, The Bogey Man, Shadow Box
  • The Lonesome Dove (McMurtry)
  • The Big Sky and The Way West (Guthrie)
  • The Frontiersman (Eckert)
  • High Fidelity (Hornby) – also About a Boy
  • This Boy’s Life (Wolff)
  • Rules of the Bone (Banks)
  • Black Swam Green (Mitchell)
  • The Book of Joe (Tropper)
  • Swim the Fly (Calame) – also search for “top 10 funny teen boy books” article, which recommends the following
  • various books by Douglas Adams
  • Spud (J. van de Ruit)
  • Jack Tumor (McGowan)
  • Election (Perrotta) – also The Wishbones featuring “a protagonist who might have inspired a saying sometimes applied to me: ‘You’re only young once, but you can be immature forever.'”