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Its the age-old “something must be done,” but, as Megan points out, bad cases make bad law. The only consoling fact is that mass murder has been declining in the US since 1929. Guns have little to do with it. People determined to wreak havoc can do it in many sorts of ways, from making bombs to driving cars or airplanes into buildings, and do so across the world. The US has no monopoly on killing sprees, contra Michael Moore.

Gun laws? Bomb laws? Other criminal laws? Evil-doers ignore and bypass laws while honest people end up having their freedoms limited by them. Naturally, when dramatic events happen in the world – 9/11, crash of housing bubble, mass murders, storms, etc., the pols and “advocates” and rent-seekers jump avidly onto their favorite hobby-horses and ride them for all its worth for their own reasons. People want to assign blame on anything, it seems, other than, in this case, the seemingly demonic perpetrator.

As cold as it may sound today, crushing tragedy is part of the human condition and has always been. No “mental health system” or politician or policy will change that unless we all decide to live in a prison camp. We do believe in being armed, though, to minimize the odds of becoming a victim. Thats why we have lightning rods on our roof, too.

In the meantime, we all mentally re-live the nightmare in our minds and wish it to be undone, to go away, to not be real, to be impossible.

Remarks: She speaks for me. Every word of that speaks directly to me, and for me, and I recommend you go read the rest (see link below).

The ‘Megan’ she refers to is Megan McArdle, whose There’s Little We Can Do to Prevent Another Massacre is also well worth reading.

via The politicians will do something – Maggies Farm.